How to Check for a Leak


LOCATE YOUR METER BOX - Your meter box is generally found towards the front of your property, near the street and you should see blue paint markings on the street.  The typical single residential meter box has an oval shaped metal or plastic lid that should be visible and it may be painted blue and have the words "water meter" stamped on the lid.  If the meter box is not visible make sure it is made visible by keeping shrubs trimmed around the meter box and no automotive parked on top of the meter box.  Larger meter box lids will be round or rectangular in shape.  

If you need in the meter box and it is locked please call our office at 501-602-5393. Once the meter box lid is unlocked, lift the gray protective cap on the meter register.  Some meter boxes may hold water.  This is usually due to the drain holes, in the bottom of the box.  Simply take a small cup and dip out enough water until you can see the meter register under the black plastic lid.



If you have an internet provider you can go to or if you have a Iphone/android you can download an app to determine if you have a leak. See Instructions below: 

Go to eyeonwater app on your cellular phone or desktop go to

Log in to your account/Create Account

Display will show a dripping faucet icon and display will read leak is detected if the leak has run for 24 consecutive hours.

If you are not set up for leak notifications on the app you can set it up to notify you in the future to prevent high water bills.



If you do have a leak and need to turn your water off. You will need to turn your water off at YOUR Shut off valve. If you do not have a shut off valve and need in the meter box to turn the water off please call our office at 501-602-5393.