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Drinking Water Protection Area Signs


During February 2014, Sardis Water placed eight (8) signs in various locations along six (6) Saline County roads as follows: Carl Moren Road, Chicot Road, East Fairview Road, 2 on East Sardis Road, Hogue Road and 2 on West Fairview Road. The signs read “Drinking Water Protection Area” and they mark the boundary of an area designated around the location of our production wells that produce the water used by Sardis Water customers. The signs are placed on the borders of the protection area where major roads enter the area.


The purpose of the signs is mainly to increase the general public awareness the area has drinking water production wells. This action by Sardis Water does not prohibit residents from going about with their normal activities on their property within the protection area. However, when the public is informed of a drinking water protection area, they will take note and exercise more care when handling or disposing of potential pollutants, which decreases the risk of possible contamination to the wells.


The sign project was completed in cooperation with the Arkansas Department of Health and is part of Sardis Water’s Wellhead Protection Program. If you ever see any suspicious activity within this protection area or near any of our six (6) water production wells, please notify Sardis Water staff by calling 501-602-5393. Someone will respond 24/7. You may also call the Arkansas Department of Health 24/7 at 800-554-5738. Feel free to call the Sardis Water number M-F, 7:30 AM-4:30 PM if you have any questions about this message or our Wellhead Protection Program.